We'd love to help you sell your premade book covers!

Please Contact us after reviewing the information below.

Be approved and have your artwork live in our store in as little as 2 business days! 

Payment Terms :


We pay all of our cover artists a flat rate of 75% per sale. Please review the Terms of Service for more information regarding payments.


Become a Seller:


1. Review the terms of service


2. Send an email with a link to your portfolio or cover samples at info@premadecoverstore.com


3. Once we receive your email we will review your work and either approve you for a seller account or provide details on why we can't accept your account at this time. 


4. After approval, you will be sent a contract via email. You will review the contract and sign. Once your contract has been countersigned you will able to begin submitting cover art via the submission form provided on the password protected page. Your covers will either be submitted or denied within 24-48 hours (business days). You will have an artist page on our website where all of your past and present covers will be displayed. We encourage you to promote your seller page to drive sales to your profile. 


5. Once you have made a sale, you will be notified via email of the customer title and author information. You will need to provide the final design to the Premade Cover Store within 24-48 hours for the customer to view. Once the customer has approved the design, we will initiate payment to you within the period outlined in your contract. 


If you have any questions regarding our seller and payment terms please contact us via email or via our web form.