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You are purchasing a custom eBook Cover Design Credit due to the nature of the digital item there are no refunds. Please email with any questions before you make a purchase. There aren't any files that will downlad after this purchase.


There are no expiration dates on custom cover credits however, there are only 6 sold per day and 6 slots per day available. You will need to book these credits via the webiste form. No orders are taken via email or in the notes section of your shopping cart. No exceptions. Orders must be scheduled properly to be added to our schedule. 


Form Link :

*This form is NOT for premade covers. Please use the premade cover form for those. 


Upon viewing the form you will see a calendar and a message box. You need to choose the first available slot or any slot you prefer and in the message box include all of the details listed below.


You MUST Include the following details to be approved on the schedule. : 1 Cover per form only! You will need to do the form again for each cover you are ordering.


1. Full Name as listed on your payment

2. Order Number from your receipt, not the paypal form. You will need to check the email address you used to make the payment.

3. All text details including any text colors or specific font styles needed.

4. Any concept requirements. (ex: Female + Male (Including Race/Skin Tone if specific), Female Only, Male Only, No Models, Car, City etc.) these are necessary to ensure that the correct photos will be purchased.

5. If you have examples of covers you like please include those titles or links


Understanding how the forms work:

Upon completing the form you will get an automatic email. The email will let you know that it has been received and it is waiting for approval. This means that the designer needs to look at the details you typed on the form to make sure they are all there and fully understood. Once reviewed and approved you'll get another automatic email saying it has been approved.


Each slot is 1 hour long however, depending on the concept and possibly the concept of the order immediately before your slot, it may take a little longer. If it goes past your time this is most likely the scenario however, you will receive the cover by the end of that business day which is at 6PM est. Emailing several times for an update in the same business day could possibly delay getting your order done if the designer has to stop working on the order to reply. If you don't receive your order by the end of that day, you should receive an email update by 6PM.


For any questions to and we'll send a reply as soon as possible. This is the only email address that should be used regarding this order. Please include your order number in the subject line of your email.





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