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IMPORTANT: Booking Your Order

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

These Are The Steps To Book Your Order and Make Any Changes Once You Place The Order!

You can find the booking forms below. Please use the appropriate form as there are different time slots available for both.

PreMade Cover Booking Form : CLICK HERE

Custom Cover Credit Booking Form : CLICK HERE

PreMade Logo Booking Form: CLICK HERE

We have created two videos to show you how to schedule your book cover order. If you need to make any changes to a previously placed order you should reply to your confirmation email only.

Due to some confusion with our process we decided to make this post to assist! Please Read The Steps Below and Take A Look At The Two Short Videos

After you place your order you will get a confirmation email from the store with your order #. It will also contain the Cover #'s for the covers you purchased. You will need to book your slot to have your cover placed on our calendar so you need to keep both your cover # and order # handy.

Each BOOKING creates a new PROJECT. You never want to create a duplicate booking because you forgot to include any information. You want to reply to your confirmation email and include the details that you didn't include on your form. By replying and not starting a completely different email, it keeps everything attached to the PROJECT. You should only sent information relevant to one book cover per booking. Each cover needs to be set us as one project.

We created this system to effectively handle the volume of orders placed in the scheduled time. Following the booking process correctly will avoid and hopefully eliminate delays by keeping orders organized, we can get things done on time.

If you have any additional questions that we didn't cover, please don't hesitate to let us know and we'll be sure to respond.

Check out the short videos below:

Confirmation Email Below:

You can manage the booking by clicking the button or you can reply to the email directly and it will stay attached to your booking.

We truly value our customers and we want to provide the best quality and service possible.

We thank you for shopping with us!

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